Local Activity Information

Social Time
Thursday 9 May: Social Dinner at Skyway Diner 6.00 pm. Contact Jan Southall
Thursday 13 June: Alpaca Farm 10.30 am. Afterwards lunch at the DUTCH MILL. (Farm $5.00) Jan
Southall let her know by June 5.
Wednesday 10 July: 12.30 pm Summit Station – Milking Operation Tour (1 hr) cost is $16.95 pp More
information to come Neil Stephenson is in charge of this event.
Thursday August 8: 11.00 am Potluck Picnic in Hidden Valley Park at Picnic Area 5 the usual location.
Thursday 12 September: Regular Meeting with a program to be confirmed

All Evening Meetings are at Kitching, Steepe, & Ludwig Family room, Waterdown at 7.00 pm

If you have a suggestion let Colton and/or his committee know (Committee: Loretta Jones, Cynthia Vining)

Please consider getting involved in the running of the club. We are going to Need a Secretary, and a Journey Coordinator (often the V.P.) Come on Board now to see what these jobs entail Executive meetings are by ZOOM and are around 1 hour long Let Pat know your interest and we’ll invite you to a ZOOM meeting.