What is Friendship Force?

Over two million strangers have had the chance to meet and often make lifelong friendships as a result of participating in the program. Indeed, Friendship Force is making a difference.

The Greater Hamilton and Burlington Club was founded in 2002. Each year we typically host one or two foreign inbound journey and travel on one or two foreign outbound journeys. Our club has about 36 members and is led by a board of directors who meet monthly to make decisions related to journeys, activities and events. We send an e-newsletter to announces these decisions to our members. Activities include social events, luncheons, new membership opportunities and general membership meetings. Our Club has participated in over 41 exchanges. Ambassadors have visited 9 continents, enjoying home stays and cultural experiences in over xx countries. We have hosted clubs from over 14 countries. Many members have attended Festivals and International Conferences sponsored by Friendship Force International. You can be part of the FF experience by traveling on an outbound journey or by participating in some capacity when our club hosts an inbound journey.